I have used Tomas for my painting projects a number of times in the past.  He and his crew are professional, and they always do great work at a reasonable price.  I recommend TLC to all of my friends!


We hired Tomas and his crew to paint the interior of the house we recently sold in Denver, and they did such an amazing job we hired him to paint the inside of our new home in Boulder. They were truly perfect–every line is beautiful and there are no drips on floors or fixtures. They were also very fast and worked within our tight timelines! I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

–Rachel Fleming, Boulder, CO

They are amazing I definitely will hire them again!

TLC painting what a great and professional painting company! Tomas was very amicable, friendly and timely when he painted my house. I was indecisive on my paint choices, he was patient very informative and took it from the perspective of what would he want for his home. That made me feel comfortable and confident as I narrowed down my paint choices what Tomas is he not only gave me his professional opinion he also gave me his personal, which adds an unique touch to his painting services. Tomas remains professional even when faced with adverse circumstances;  like when Lula (the dog) somehow manages to escape from the fenced backyard, he continued to paint and remained cool, calm, and collective! I don’t know of anyone else, who would have been totally composed  when you have a big German Shepherd barking within inches of your face but Tomas was. Tomas demonstrated great work integrity by continuing to do the job no matter what extreme circumstances he faced, while remaining calm and professional.

TLC painting customer for life

TLC painting what a great and professional painting company near me!